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School’s Rockin At Gavinburn
April 21, 2010

This is the write up from the Scotsman on the games-based learning project that’s rockin Gavinburn primary in West Dumbrtonshire.

PRETENDING to be a rock star on a computer console is not how most parents imagine their children spend their time at school.

But at Gavinburn Primary in Old Kilpatrick, West Dunbartonshire, such a game has seen youngsters dramatically improve in subjects ranging from French to geography.

Headteacher Gillian Penny said: “All kids want to be rock stars but once you’re into it the game doesn’t have a huge impact apart from being the hook.”

It is an example of what is described as contextual hub learning, in other words, using something that interests children to sneak in some education – without them realising.

Mrs Penny added: “The learning that goes on after that is all very firmly based on literacy and numeracy, and ICT (information and communication technology].”

The project has been running at the primary for two years and this year all 40 primary sevens took part. Pupils were split into ten “bands” and had to use literacy skills to create alter-ego characters and a band history. They then had to use their music and technological skills to write and record a song, digitally, and make a video. After that they were “invited” on a tour and so had to research it, finding a venue in France and, finally, had to do a radio interview in French.

“They have to create the whole conversation in French, which is huge,” said Mrs Penny: “It’s probably one of the biggest results of the project – the improvement in their French – which is not what we expected.”

The project has been highlighted by the school inspectorate as excellent practice in promoting literacy and numeracy.

Additional topics, such as drugs awareness, are also taught by creating a storyline involving one of the band members.

Mrs Penny said: “There’s a huge amount of writing – they have to write a band profile, character, respond to letters, write news articles, lyrics, and speeches for our Gavin awards – our version of the Brits. And when going on tour, they have to work out flight connections, prices, currency conversions and, space for staging. There’s a huge amount.”

It is a programme which is now firmly on the school calendar. Mrs Penny added: “Because it finishes with this huge event at the end, which is a black-tie do, it’s something the rest of the school are very aware of so they are looking forward to it when they are in primary two.

“It’s become a rite of passage almost, it’s a very good fun topic but they also work very hard.”

Ollie Bray, a depute head of Musselburgh Grammar School, now seconded as a national adviser for emerging technologies in learning at Learning and Teaching Scotland (LTS) – the body responsible for the curriculum – was the first to innovate with Guitar Hero in the classroom.

He said Scotland is leading the way in the use of computer games in schools. He added: “Guitar Hero has now been used all over Scotland as a context for learning and social interaction.”


September 30, 2009

Do Be SLF Stand E48

My legs have only just started to recover from this year’s SLF09!  I really enjoyed being part of the whole experience and especially enjoyed this year’s TeachMeet which we sponsored.  I had worried about getting a stand as….well let’s just say it wasn’t cheap, but I really feel it was worth it in so many ways.  Firstly, I met some amazing teachers, many of whom I follow on Twitter.  Conversations that went like ‘are you DoBeLou?’ ‘Yeah are you skinnyboyjim?’ gave me such a thrill I can’t put it into words!  I really enjoyed the wine and the presentations at this year’s TeachMeet.  People like Doug Belshaw, Ollie Bray and Neil Winton make it look so easy.  Also, the Camel hardly made an appearance!  See more photos at, and watch videos of the presentations at and finally, read the thanks sent to the sponsors from the teachers that attended at

Secondly, I enjoyed spending quality time with Kirsten, Sam and Scott.  They must be pretty special people to have been with me from 6am on Wednesday to 6pm on Thursday and still managed to be laughing at the end of the day (or was that just at me?!)  They are a special bunch of people and we had a lot of fun.  Did I mention that I love the people that I work with?  After TeachMeet we went to the Grill on the Corner in Bath Street.  If you book online you get 40 percent off your food bill (what do you mean I’m tight?!)  Food was absolutely scrumptious.

Grill on the corner - Sam and Scott Grill on the corner - Scott and Lou

Lastly, I saw some cool stuff…..the main one being an S1 pupil beat his teacher at Guitar Hero!  I am really excited to be meeting with Ben from Skoogmusic – I loved ‘The Skoog’ and exploring possible links with ConnectEd

All in all I had a great few days…..I just wish I hadn’t worn those heels :0)

St Mary's PS – You Rock!
September 17, 2009

St Mary's3

Felt really inspired this morning by the P6’s and 7’s at St Mary’s PS in North Lanarkshire.  Stephen and I were working with them to explore the different ways that they could use mobile learning, specifically MP4 technology, to develop literacy, numeracy and much, much more.   All I can say is that I was blown away by their creativity, confidence and enthusiasm.  Believe me, they taught us a few things.

Here’s some pics of the training and I’ll update this post shortly with some audio feedback.